Louie is a very outgoing and loving puppy. He really wants to be with people and is very smart. When I let him in the house he goes to his crate and waits on me to shut the door. He is crate trained and goes all night without accidents. His dad is a race dog and his mom is breed for show dogs but she hates it. She's being trained for lure coursing and race now. Both parents are very fast and at...
7 ft tall, 15 1/2 in deep and 5 1/2 ft wide. It is a beautiful heavy solid piece of wood furniture. Has a few dings and scratches. Also has some damage from our puppy on front right side. Picture below. Will have to come to my home to get it. It comes apart into 2 pieces. Will need help to move it. Smoke free dog friendly home. Asking $200 obo. Pm with any questions.


Rachel is a very athletic, cute puppy. She's been passed over numerous times because she's white but she's a nice puppy. Rachel's parents are both nice athletes. They race, dock dive, and lure course. Rachel would be a nice dog to try in different venues. She's fast and agile. She would also be happy being just a beloved pet. She loves playing in water and is fast. Parents have been health test...